This is aera

The most innovative access point for made high density WiFi and it’s designed to handle interference and more capacity than any other WiFi router available today.

It’s smart WiFi and is built using WiFi3 which uses fewer radios to deliver more channels. How many channels? – From 3 to 6 channels, aera gives you more channels to use at the same time than any other router. meaning you can dedicate channels to specific applications or dedicated services like Video Streaming, Video Surveillance, Voice over WiFi and Locationing while using other channels for simply connecting smart devices and more.

Aera For WiFi3

More Users & More Devices

aera is designed to handle more users and more smart devices.  aera gives you the added capacity you need without having to buy additional access points or build wireless mesh networks – unless you really want to because aera can do that too.

If you are deploying in a large or small enterprise, public venue, condominium, retail location or anywhere that you have lots of users connecting to WiFi – aera was designed to work in these high density locations.