The market is evolving to high density
is your WiFi keeping pace?

Enterprise WiFi

Your business relies on WiFi. Whether operating a manufacturing environment, Small or Medium sized business or simply managing an office environment. aera WiFi is designed to make your business, your connections and your people work better.

aera WiFi is designed for your business today (and tomorrow) with the most secure and most reliable WiFi products and solutions.  Where other WiFi technology can quickly reach capacity because of the sheer number of connected devices, aera relies on WiFi3™ Multi-Channel, Single Radio technology with 6 separate WiFi Bands to support your business, wherever you are and wherever you need WiFi.

aera enterprise solutions come out of the box with all the features and functionality you rely on for running your business. Plus proprietary features like Powerzoning™, Spectral Surveillance Architecture™ with 360° WiFi Security and more to give you a true, wireless advantage.

Venues, Stadiums & Convention Spaces

Deploying WiFi in public venues is simplified with aera – designed specifically for large public venue WiFi where capacity and density are the norm.

Can you connect all of your attendees at once? Can you deliver a better fan experience by layering new applications like livestreaming event video? Can your network handle the load?

aera utilizes advanced WiFi technology called WiFI3™ to deliver more channels with each access point and enabling more device connections. aera also utilizes innovative technology like PowerZoning™ for better engineered WiFi networks and Real-Time Spectral Surveillance for the best and most secure WiFi network.

Apartments, Condos & Office Buildings

Whether it’s Students, Seniors, Upscale Tenants or Public Housing they all want to be connected to WiFi.  In order to deliver the best wireless experience in your building, letting your tenants install and manage their own WiFi is a recipe for disaster – and a LOT of interference.

WiFi is the next utility service and Building Owners and Managers can capitalize by offering WiFi as part of your rental revenue strategy or as an added value amenity to attract and maintain tenants.

Whatever your goal, you need to support massive number of phones, tablets and other devices for streaming, gaming and other high-bandwidth entertainment and content.

aera delivers a better and easier-to-manage WiFi solution for your MDUs with multiple channels, dedicated tenant access user portals and more to make in-building and common areas wireless networks as regular as turning the lights on.

Service Providers

If you’re a Service Provider, everyday it’s getting more challenging to deliver high QoS WiFi. Today, density and interference dominate network performance while services like video streaming, VoWiFi, security and more are placing a huge strain on the network.

aera was designed to handle the demands on modern WiFi networks. We make WiFi better by addressing the three biggest issues in WiFi today – Capacity, Density & INTERFERENCE.

aera access points deliver a complete range of features to guarantee you can deliver amazing quality WiFi services and applications like IOT device management, Video Surveillance over WiFi, VoWiFi and more. aera uses our leading and patented interference mitigation technology, client traffic management and Real Time Spectral Surveillance to offer the most secure WiFi networks available today.